Welcome to the online portfolio of the HVNS designer, Ereek.   Here, we will take a look at a sampling of some of the designs that he has created over time.

One of the most exciting aspects of fashion and graphic prints is the ability to express individuality and make a statement. Each drop tells a story, reflecting the personality and mood of the designer.  Ereek has experimented in mediums ranging from rare silks to leathers and most fabrics in between as well as themes from luxury to streetwear. His fashion journey has led him to create a brand based on sustainability practices- choosing to use recycled, vintage or deadstock materials and handling production in-house. 

At HVNS, we understand the power of fashion. That's why we curate collections of unique and stylish clothing and accessories that feature captivating designs. From our HPPY PPL Haring "Dogs Life" Sweatshirt to our HVNS denim, each product is carefully crafted to make a statement and elevate your style.

This is the work of our designer, all of the projects are his sole creation excepting a couple collaborations. 

The photos are credited to a number of photographers  has worked with including, Jossef Jasso, Nery Madrid, JWNY, Maria Baranova and Taylor Horne.